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About The Project

Vlny (transl. Waves) is a project of Student Cinema, which aims to bring 10 screenings produced primarily as a TV content, to the University Cinema Scala.

The concept of screening TV shows in a cinema represents a grey area of the audiovisual world. So far, only film festivals and special projections of production companies have brought the opportunity to watch TV formats away from living rooms. However, most of those events are organized by fans in order to promote the series taking place in small cinemas.

Many people anticipate a so called „death of television,“ but we believe the opposite to be true. Television was, is, and will always be alive! Every spectator of sports or TV-shows is closely in touch with the TV production, despite the dominance of the internet.

Vlny will be launched on Tuesday 3rd of March 2015 by a projection of a symbolic TV movie – Televise bude! (transl. Television is coming!) directed by Jan Bušta and produced by the Czech Television.

Throughout the whole spring semester, the project will bring TV programs in the form of American and Czech TV shows, live sports, TV films or political satire in the series of Kancelář Blaník, initially produced for television, but never aired due to controversial content.

Furthermore, the screenings will be preceded by a lecture program enlightening the visitors about the situation of television in the contemporary show business. We are honored to announce future lectures of film theorists and some of the creators of the screened films.